“I found the whole experience very interesting my tutor was very helpful and had time to explain things though the whole course, I would advice anyone wanting to take this course to go ahead because it is worth it.”

“Michael Wayne Plants passion, knowledge and skill in photography can easily be seen in any lesson he teaches, he has this ability to make each class interesting, engaging, productive, full of substance and some humour.  He has a wealth of knowledge, which he is always willing to share and he cares about each and every pupil. I actually wish I …

“Michael is a motivational tutor who is able to grasp and understand your individual needs to help you widen your technical knowledge and push your creative boundaries.  As a former student, I’m impressed by his willingness to continue to offer advice and regular emails covering the latest software and helpful tips.”

“Michael’s enthusiasm is infectious and my passion for photography was reignited while attending a course run by Michael.”

Photography Workshops

Photo Laboratory

Photo Laboratory is an experiment learning space for photographer’s


We use different locations across London depending on the needs of each Photographic Workshop.

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